About us



BITARTEAN& borns from a constant meantime, from the need to implement the ideas that fill our minds and do new things, from the illusion, the intrigue and excitement of creating something proper and unique.

A personal bet that involves risks but it is also the necessary path to achieve a goal.

A project that is the result of seeking new challenges and combine knowledge, experience and passions.

A study of Architecture, Digital Manufacturing, Design, Image and Education.

Our collection of products unites Geometry, Mathematics, Nature and Environment. Products made with new manufacturing techniques like 3D printing or laser cutting and engraving, always locally and small-scale made.

It consists of more than just objects: hundreds of hours of experimentation and learning; Days, weeks and months of hard work, joy (and occasional frustration).

You do not buy a simple object, you take a part of our illusion with you. And most importantly, you inspire us to continue working on what we like most.

We hope to convey all this.

Our Team


AN& = Ana Ortiz Arrieta + Andoni Pombo Aramendi

Ana and Andoni are the minds, hearts and hands behind BITARTEAN&.

We believe in the effort and well done work, in the attention to detail and giving the best of ourselves in each project.

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“Creativity and sensitivity that will surprise you. For those looking for creation, design and exquisite production.â€

Typeando. EspacioAerre

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